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our story…

The Chichester City Centre (aka Bell Tower) Drop-in is a non profit registered charity that works closely with local secondary school children in the Chichester district and wider area.

The project was founded and launched in 2014 as a joint venture between local Churches, the University of Chichester and the Chichester Cathedral, following extensive reasearch that showed a lack in daily after school youth provision, after previous government funded youth centres in the city had to close due to cutbacks to the statutory youth services. We are supported entirely through grant givers and individual donations and operate through a diverse team of local volunteers.

The primary vision of the project is to create a safe, welcoming and relaxed space in the centre of the city through the ongoing development of the drop-in centre service, currently located in the basement of the Chichester Cathedral Bell Tower. The centre is open every week day after school between 3-5:30pm, free of charge to all secondary school children.

While attending, the young people can enjoy gaming, use of internet terminals, movie viewing, group activities and get help with homework, as well as joining our young leadership development programme. The Bell Tower project also works into local secondary schools including the running of assemblies and detached youth work during lunchtime periods.

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“Since the Bell Tower Youth Drop-In Centre has been in operation, it continues to succeed in achieving it’s original purpose of providing a safe place in the city for local young people.”

– Sam Harding
Project Coordinator



  • I come to the Bell Tower when I am in a bad mood or when I am not feeling myself because there is always someone here. I also come when I’m in a good mood and do feel myself because my friends and people I like are here. I feel the Bell Tower is somewhere people can discover themselves and make friends they wouldn’t normally make.  

  • I love coming to the Bell Tower because it is a fun place where you can hang out with friends and use the free equipment. It’s so fun with Carmela (one of our volunteers) because her jokes will crack you up!

  • I come to the Bell Tower to hang out with friends. I love all the staff and we do loads of stuff like watch TV, play board games, chat and have fun. I am a young leader and I love it because it’s awesome!

  • I like coming to the Bell Tower because you can hangout with friends, do your homework and the staff are really nice! I’ve learned how to knit and love to play board games and Rummicub. It’s the best place I like to be after school. I LOVE the Bell Tower!


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