Young Leaders Programme…

Developing confidence, ability, and leadership skills.

Young Leaders Programme…

In October 2016 we launched a new initiative called “The Young Leaders Programme.” An eight month long accredited course, where certain young people who regularly attend the Drop-in, can join the volunteer team for one day each week, taking on a number of day-to-day responsibilities within the Bell Tower.

Eight young people were selected out of 30 who applied. Each day of the week now has a different “young leader” assigned to help run the session. The young leaders are scored out of 15 for each session in a number of areas including punctuality, use of clean and positive language and being a positive influence on those around them. They can then earn prizes and awards at the end of each term for a culminative score of 80% or above. The young people on the program also keep a log of what they have done each week and must complete certain volunteering assignments over the year. Those who complete the programme will be awarded with an official ASDAN qualification in volunteering through Outset Youth Action.

The Young Leaders Programme has been designed to develop young people in the areas of self-esteem, reliability, capability and leadership skills in order to create lasting change in their lives.

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